A business without social media?

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Since the beginning of Anushka PR I have had the prvilege of working with a number of different clients in many different industries. When starting out in PR and media I knew social media was important but only working in the field did I realise just how important it really is. Without a presence on social media it’s almost impossible to have a credible brand. Before we buy or before we commit to a service from a particular business we usually always research the business via its website expect to interact with them via their online social media platforms. Creating an online audience through various social media platforms is imperative in developing publicity and marketing your product to a wider audience. The power of social media in this day and age is irreplaceable and its a lot more fun than most think it is. Enough with the words we all know that too many words and too little images don’t work, so take a look at some successful social media sites from previous and current clients that contribut to a lot of their success as a business.

Yoga Health Retreats

I had the pleasure of working alongside Sue Hawkins the director and founder of Yoga Health Retreats as a personal assistant. Sue’s business is number one for Yoga Health Retreats in Australia and her business presence on the internet is proof of that. YHR has a fan base of nearly 5,000 on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/YogaHealthRetreat and during my time at Yoga Health Retreats we kickstarted their profile on Pinterest. Pinterest is like a digital scrapbook, it is a great way of linking straight back to your website. Inspirational and eye catching images attract alot of traffic.

Buffalo Girl is always one of my favourite clients to work with. Terry Cronin is the genius behind the beautiful one-off hand made leather designs and she is always up to something ingeniously beautiful. With only 5 stockists her sales are mainly online orders from her online store so the power of her online presence has to be strong and i’ll tell you what, she is doing something right because this woman is one busy little bee.

Take a look at Buffalo Girl Facebook here; http://www.facebook.com/BuffaloGirlLife this site grows organically alongside her instagram account @buffalogirllife

I have also had the pleasure of writing and collaborating some great content for Terry’s blog. To view the complet Buffalo Girl blog click here.

My Sunday Feeling is a Byron Bay brand that creates gypsy bohemian pieces designed by Melody Jasmine. My Sunday Feeling has created a cult following both locally, nationally and internationally. Melody’s one-off designs have built a fan base that ensures a strong online following. I had the pleasure of working with My Sunday Feeling last year and the social media strategy was exciting because the product was so visually enticing, it was easy  to build an online fan base with strong support and hype from the already strong fan base.

Take a look at My Sunday Feeling’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/mysundayfeeling which has over 12,000 fans and instagram account @mysundayfeeling. Both these pages are strong examples of social media sites that have grown organically with continous inspiration imagery and audience interaction.

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