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Ok so there is a lot of ground to cover here so instead of writing up a MASSIVE blog post I have decided to divide the last couple of years up into a few blog posts. First up I want to let you know about one project that has taken up a lot of my time over the past couple of years. I am now a TV presenter. That sounds random – random but fun, BUT let me explain. In 2013 whilst visiting Sri Lanka I received an email from Miss Universe Australia which told me I had made it to the NSW preliminary competition. Somebody had entered me in MISS UNIVERSE!? Not sure whether it was my food poisoning or the intense humidity but I wrote back and said sure I will be there. Uh Oh.

So no backing out now, I went ahead to the preliminaries and as silly as I felt about walking around up and down a catwalk in a shopping centre in Sydney – it opened me up to public speaking. I may have totally fumbled the question and answer section but I ended up loving the experience and ended up at the NSW state finals. Who woulda thought? Me a real beauty queen?

Oh my god mum look, I made it through with the other pretty people!

State finals came around and I knew my only real approach to survive this would be if I truly didn’t care if I got through or not. Which in reality I didn’t – I knew there was no chance I would make to be Miss Australia and I don’t think I ever really did want to be that. So this time I didn’t have to be almost naked in a shopping centre and I just concentrated on having fun and not really giving a shit. Public speaking and the question and answer section came along and I nailed it. I gave a really honest answer to quite a controversial question and it worked in my favour. So you guessed it, yep I was on my was to the national finals. Planet Hairspray here I come!

With hair as messy as that, who the hell let me through!?

So there I was at the end of it all – the big hooha. I was in Melbourne for the national finals. I had enough experience with the pageant by now to see how much work was really required to go far, and to be honest I think I had other priorities – like surfing. Plus some of these girls had gone through this pageant year after year to win and I thought they really deserved it just for putting so much effort in. Because let me tell you – it ain’t a walk in the park. As much as I joke about it along with much of the rest of the world, pageants really do make you learn a lot about yourself. It threw me completely out of my comfort zone and made me really sit up and pay attention to current affairs, political issues both here and abroad. It takes a lot of confidence, self belief and SKILL to get up in front of a bunch of people to be questioned and judged plus still have the ability to walk of stage to be a nice humble person. And I can tell you from my first hand experience thats exactly what these girls did. I made friends in that competition that I will have for a very long time.

So as you can guess I didn’t take the crown, and to be honest I can’t really remember who did… oops! But taking a leap of faith and saying yes to this pageant opened up a completely new path in my life and I will always be forever grateful. I gained so much confidence in public speaking that it made something click within me. I got home and within a few months I knew wanted to try and push myself some more and TV seemed like a great idea. I did my research and already having a broadcast journalism degree behind me really helped, I knew the basics but I needed someone to give me a go. So I got in contact with the guys from Skuff TV an extreme sports show based in Byron Bay and either they were desperate, the stars aligned or they were sick of looking at Gravy’s mug – they gave me a screen test. I don’t think I was very good to begin with but hey like I said I think they were desperate. I stuck and they show moved from Fuel TV to all four Fox Sports channels. I like to think that’s because my presenting skills got a WHOLE lot better as time went on.

Since starting at Skuff TV I have picked up a number of other presenting gigs. I got to be a beauty vlogger on Wicked Beauty, a host for Event Festival TV and a regular on Big Review TV with heaps more exciting gigs coming up. To stay up to date with all my TV hosting and presenting shin digs take a look at my other website www.ninahill.com.au. Now I have one last thing to say … actually two. Take a chance on something just like I did you never know it could just change your life. Now watch my latest show reel 🙂

Nina Hill Show Reel 2015





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