Buffalo Girl Featured in Disfunkshion Magazine’s Editors Blog

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I recently had the pleasure of putting together a little article for my super talented and busy client Terry Cronin of Buffalo Girl. Terry was asked to feature on one of our favourite magazines online blog! Below is a little bit of what you can find on Disfunkshion Magazine’s blog here.

Buffalo Girl is a reflection of my lifestyle and an extension of my personality. I grew up in New Zealand riding horses and dreaming of the Wild West. Everything about being wild and free inspires me. Now based in Byron Bay I still ride horses but I also surf, skate and ride dirt bikes. To put it simply, my designs are everything I choose to surround myself with and the way in which I choose to live my life. My design space is my little studio out the back of my house in Byron Bay. The room is filled with trinkets from my travels, feathers, images of horses, bowls full of turquoise stones and beautiful pieces of leather. Without my lifestyle I am not inspired to create the designs that I love.

My lifestyle and everything around me is symbolized throughout my Buffalo Girl pieces. I use symbols of the horse, eagle, turquoise stones, feathers and wildflowers in many of my designs. Each piece I create myself, by hand and some designs can take weeks to complete. Each bag, belt, wallet, ring, cuff, guitar strap or any other creation I come up with is completely different to the next. I also hand stitch a secret affirmation or universal message that the owner will never see because these pieces are my passion and my vision. That is why everything is made to order, I don’t want to be a part of the mass-produced fashion industry, I want each of my designs to be unique and special, a piece of art to take home.


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