Plastic Surgery Hub – New Website Launch

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I recently had the privilege to launch the publicity campaign for Plastic Surgery Hub ( The brain child of Trish Hammond; the website launched two weeks ago and was inspired by her own journey with Plastic Surgery. Statistics show that Australian’s are spending over $1 billion on plastic surgery every year, and this figure is only set to increase.

Trish underwent her first plastic surgery procedure in 1997. Whilst researching her procedures, Trish became increasingly frustrated by the lack of impartial resources, real stories and advice from real people on the Internet.

“All I could find were websites owned by doctors and clinics. There were hardly any independent websites that provided support and answers to basic questions. After having the surgery, when I was experiencing the lows, the pains, the surprises – all I wanted was to find some support and speak to someone (not from the doctor’s office!) that had gone through the experience.” Says Trish.

For more information take a look below at the reveiw of Plastic Surgery Hub in the latest Weekend Star that came out over the weekend.

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